Don’t Quote Me, but I can’t wait to play with my _______

Embarrass yourself and your friends by getting the funniest, most outrageous quotes that they could never say on their own and post them to facebook. This ad lib word app takes random words that you and your friends enter and matches them with our crazy sentences.

No need to play those other apps where you have to enter words over and over to see one short story. Enter the words just ONCE (2 words per type minimum) and see the quotes come in. The more words you enter the more quotes you get per day. Enter the maximum number of words and see how many quotes you can get every day.

The more facebook friends you have playing, the more variety you’ll have, but you can always play with yourself.

With over a hundred of our quotes multiplied by all your friends multiplied by all the words they enter, see the almost infinite possibilities of ad lib quotes.

Here are what some of our closest friends are saying:

“Farting makes my ass itch” — Jayson
“I went to the doctor for my baby and he said it’s very ugly. Should I be worried?” — Lena
“Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the fingers.” — Dean
“I always forget to hide my turd when people come over.” — Corey
“I wanna take a dump tomorrow night. You in?” — Tony

Don’t Quote Me is a FREE app and is available for download in the Apple App store from August 18, 2011.

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