Doodle Pixel: Doodle gaming fun for iPhone

Doodle until your fingers bleed, that is how Doodle Pixel the new gaming {enjoyable|fun} for your iPhone or iPod touch is all about. This is not a game, that has only “doodle” in his name no attract attention – this game is {truly|really} all about doodling! Drawing on the screen controls the character Doodle Dave, whereas you have to doodle as clever as {feasible|possible} in order to {discover|find} the fastest and {greatest|best} way {via|through} 32 thrilling pixelworlds. Figure out what’s the handiest way to the checkered flag and match {your self|yourself} with players from all over the world! Combine and position 6 multi-functional Doodls (e.g. Trampolines or Accelerators) in a way that {offers|provides} you the most refined and time-saving path {via|through} level in {four|4} difficulties. {Turn out to be|Become} an {Professional|Expert} Doodler {these days|today} and establish the new world record!

{Primary|Main} {Functions|Features}:
# 32 thrilling pixelworlds
# 6 multi-functional Doodls
# 18 exciting and comical achievements
# {Individual|Personal} and worldwide highscores
# Retina HD Support
# Facebook and Twitter integration
# Soon iPad Support

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A preview of the game is {obtainable|available} on YouTube via

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