DoodleJump for the iPhone: review and video demo

Question: What makes a good game for the iPhone? (IMHO)

Answer: It must have an simple control scheme, allows you to quickly get in and out of a game, and be inexpensive.


If you are like me and you like casual games on the iPhone you will love DoodleJump.  It is a simple game in which you move your iPhone side to side to help Doodle climb higher on the platform.  It is easier to show you the game than tell you about it, so watch this short video demo:

Too many games attempt to bring Xbox like control schemes to the iPhone, but the platform does not lend itself to a complex control scheme.  When it comes to iPhone gaming simple is better.

The developers give you a warning that DoodleJump is an extremely addictive game.  They are right, it is the app I turn to when I have just a few minutes for a little arcade action on my iPhone.

DoodleJump is simple and fun, everything an iPhone game is meant to be.

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