Doppelgänger: a fast paced puzzler (w/ promo codes)

Doppelgänger is an arcade take on the popular card matching game “memory” (or “pairs”), complete with highscores, bonus levels and online leaderboard. the simple gameplay makes it a perfect casual game even for kids, but it becomes really difficult in the later levels and is a fun challenge for the “real” gamer as well.

We have been polishing this game for a while now to stand out from the pack in the appstore. The gameplay is very fast and smooth and we have put a lot of work in the graphics: Doppelgänger features a custom font, more than 200 handdrawn icons, particles, 3 level sets with 50 levels each and whatnot!


Doppelgänger was built using Cocos2d, an open source game library.

Our website with all infos is here:

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It’s 0.99 cent / 0.79 euro in the AppStore:

The first three to contact us will receive a promo code!

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