Double Feature: 3 Point Hoops Basketball & Field Goal Frenzy

I’ve been meaning to review these games for the longest time! Skyworks released them about a month ago and they’re both good for some mindless fun, but they’re also more or less the same thing in different environments… flick a finger from the bottom of the screen upward (just like in Arcade Bowling) to shoot a 3 or kick a 3.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, so don’t get too cocky! The rim in 3 Point Hoops Basketball might as well be a girl ‘cuz I got zero game and have a really hard time scoring with it, and Field Goal Frenzy gets really tough when the wind kicks up.

Choke! Choke! Choke!

Choke! Choke! Choke!

3 Point Hoops has two game modes, Classic and Sudden Death. Classic is your basic 3-point shooting derby where you launch balls from nine different positions around the court and, even if you miss, you still get five shots per spot.

Sudden Death, on the other hand, is a much harsher mistress. You’re still shooting 3s, you still get five balls per position, but if you miss one it’s game over! Ouch. Both game modes feature crowd noise and a semi-obnoxious Dick Vitale-type announcer who either praises or taunts your “skillz” depending on whether your ball goes in the hole.

Field Goal Frenzy seems much more forgiving than 3 Point Hoops, but to be fair this probably has something to do with the fact that field goal posts are almost 18 feet wider than basketball rims. Unlike basketball, however, you have to contend with stiff breezes that can easily blow your ball off course in mid-air.

If you suck at kicking field goals there’s a practice mode where you can kick at your leisure from different angles and distances, and when you’re ready for primetime you can go to Classic mode where you try to score as many points as you can from different hash marks and progressively longer distances. The football crowd also makes noise just like the basketball audience but there’s no announcer giving you crap for every miss. I kind of like the basketball announcer, but no football announcer is just fine with me. Do you really want a John Madden impersonator giving incoherent critiques of your kicking skills while slipping in irrelevant Brett Favre references? Yeah, didn’t think so!

Both games come equipped with sound controls and Skyworks’ global scoreboard which is great (but you gotta register for global scoring, boo). And unfortunately neither plays well with iPod music which is disappointing.

Regardless of which app you choose, you’ll be getting a quality game because that’s just how Skyworks rolls. So far I’ve tried four of their apps (one of which will also be reviewed in the near future) and their product is always of a consistent quality. Shooting hoops and kicking field goals can be pretty fun ways to pass short pockets of time, so if you’ve got $2 to spare go ahead and grab one of these games. If you’re broker than an 8th round draft pick, most Skyworks apps have a Lite version available (but not Field Goal Frenzy, sorry dude).

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