Double Up for iPad

‘Double Up’ is the only iPad browser that offers side-by-side webpages using one, streamlined, toolbar. The minimalist design includes all the features you would expect from a modern web browser with more on the way.

Double Up is designed for blog lovers, researchers, and those who need to compare or multitask with more than one website at one time. You can view a video on one web page while searching for the latest scores on another.

Using Double Up is simple, just tap one of the ‘Panels’ to make it active. You’ll know which Panel is active by the blue highlight beside it. The address bar and bookmarks menu will respond to the active Panel.

You also have the option for Double Up to remember where you were when you last closed the App or to load the same websites, of your choice, every time.

We hope you enjoy this iPad App and we have plenty of features coming to Double Up in the near future.

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