Dragon Of The Three Kingdoms: Great Beat-em up!

If you are a fan of Streets of Rage – Final Fight – Golden Axe – Knight of the Round and all the similar types of traditional beat-em ups, you definitely give this game a try. You will feel like a kid playing your Genesis/SNES again.

Dragon of the Three Kingdoms is a side-scrolling ARPG in the most chaotic period of time in China, the Three Kingdom period.

You’ll be a young general fighting against the barbarians.  Haven’t you always wanted to fight barbarians?

Improve your power to fight against the evil arch villains, it’s you who hold the future of China in Dragon of the Three Kingdoms.

Use the simulation joystick to defeat all kinds of exotic enemies such as archers, war elephants and wizards, while avoiding the deadly traps like fog, poison spring, and falling rocks.

You can accumulate your Qui to evoke powerful attack or wide range spells, and defeat all enemies at once.

After each stage, you’ll be rewarded with gold to purchase new equipment and items.


Here is the gameplay video:

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And here are a few promo codes.  First come, first serve.  Good luck.

Here is the developer website:

Lite version:
Dragon of the Three Kingdoms Lite - WaGame Technology Co.,Ltd.

Full version:
Dragon of the Three Kingdoms - WaGame Technology Co.,Ltd.

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