Guide Oshi to freedom by solving the levels.

Oshi is locked in the maze of the {globe|world} and {desires|wants} to go to heaven.

The {objective|goal} is to solve {every|each} level by passing {every|each} line {as soon as|once}.
Tap the points or swipe the lines to resolve the level.
When passing a line and point it will get colored.
You can gain bonus-points or bonus-seconds when solving the level {quick|fast}.

DrawItOnce is {four|4} games in 1.
When bored in {1|one} game you can challenge {your self|yourself} in the next {1|one}.

Practice: Unlock {every|each} level by playing {with out|without} any {tension|stress} of scoring.
Classic: Lose a life when the level is blocked or reset. Gain bonus points when finishing the level in a {quick|fast} way.
Time Attack: {Attempt|Try} to solve the level {inside|within} the timeframe. Lose a life if you are blocked , the time is passed, or the level is reset.
G-Time Attack: Solve as {a lot|much} levels in 120 seconds. Gain bonus seconds when level is solved in a {quick|fast} way.


- 84 levels {inside|within} {five|5} themes
- Colorful levels adapted to {every|each} theme
- {four|4} games in 1
- Save your score locally
- Compare {your self|yourself} with the {greatest|best} in {every|each} game mode on the in-game global high score list
- Share your score with you {pals|friends} on Facebook

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