Duck Hunting


Virtual Hunting, a sport taken for granted by most. Just imagine, there you are bored at work, home, or sitting at the doctors office. Your virtual shotgun at your side, and your trusty virtual dog that never does wrong accompanying you on your outing. You enter the wilderness, use your trusty duck call, take aim, and *BOOM*. Your score increases, and you continue to obliterate all ducks in your path.

Duck Hunting, an app by developer iDelux, is a simple retro style hunting game that you can pick up and play for a few minutes when you have a spot of free time in your day. First, to get it out of the way, yes… there are similarities to the original Nintendo game Duck Hunt. You Hunt Ducks. The graphics are retro. After that, thats about it. (There is no dog to laugh at your misfortune, sadly….)
Gameplay is as follows: Each level you are given 45 seconds to shoot as many ducks as possible. Avoid shooting the doves because they deduct points from your score. You hold three shots at a time, and you can reload as many times as you wish. The further you make it into the game, the faster the ducks fly. When you finally lose, you are given the option to save your score locally and online. 
One problem I did notice with the game is that when the ducks turn away from you to escape, they spend a few seconds flying off into the distance. At this point, they only fly straight, and are very easy to shoot. Since there is a time limit, constantly waiting for the ducks to leave the area just to ensure a perfect shot would result in a loss, but it does grant the user with some easy points as you play if a duck does survive long enough to fly away. Also, Accuracy doesn’t help or hurt your score, so you can just go crazy and ignore misses if you wish. Both of those factors are slight flaws in the games design.
On the good side, iDelux has provided multiple backgrounds for the levels and the offline/online leader boards are a nice plus. They also have tiny, average, and super fat ducks which adds a bit of diversity. In the future I would love to see more levels, some other obstacles to affect your score, and maybe some more game modes (An Expert mode with limited bullets?) It would also be nice if your accuracy affected your overall score. Honestly though, I can’t complain much. The game costs a dollar, and it works how it is supposed to. Its a good simple game to waste a few minutes on every once in a while.
Oh, and guys, add a dog!  


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