Dynargie Manager Kit: Management Best practices

For Dynargie, a fulltime Manager needs to have solutions to cope with all his/her partners: team, peers, bosses and external suppliers. At the same time, managing time is one critical success factor of our daily life.

Dynargie Manager Kit is a complete package of best practices based on the Dynargetic People Management 30 year old seminar, where managers and leaders develop their soft skills and are trained to use effective and pragmatic tools to conduct meetings with their bosses, staff, employees, peers and external partners.

The application also allows to discuss and share different approaches on Facebook. With one button you can post the best practices, and spread the knowledge on the social network.

Dynargie Manager Kit brings right into our pocket the necessary tools to take decisions on why and how to communicate in our daily professional life.


Dynargie Manager Kit - Dynargie

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