eCard Express HD for iPad – Personal and Business Greeting Cards

Toronto, Ontario – Announcing that Bartsoft Inc., a Canadian based {business|company}, have released the new festive greeting card application for the iPad – eCard Express HD. This application enables users to {produce|create} and customize greeting cards with high {high quality|quality} stickers, frames, and their own {pictures|photos} or images from the photo library. eCard Express HD is intuitive, {extremely|very} {simple|easy} to use, and {extremely|very} efficient at producing birthday greetings, dinner invitations, congratulations cards and customizable frames.

Bartsoft Inc. describes the app as “the {greatest|best} way to {remain|stay} in touch with {buddies|friends}, {loved ones|family}, {business|company} partners and {clients|customers} {via|through} a {enjoyable|fun} and interactive ecard application.”

With eCard Express HD users have access to two card {kinds|types} – frames and greeting cards. Frames are filled with the user’s chosen photo from their photo library. If no photo is the desired {option|choice}, {nevertheless|however}, the user can {select|choose} from a number of digital cards from all the {well-liked|popular} categories such as Birthday, Valentine’s Day – {Adore|Love} Cards, Congratulations, Invitation, Get {Nicely|Well}, Sorry, Thank You, National Holidays, Religious Cards just to name a {couple of|few}. Both can then be shared {immediately|instantly} {via|through} {e-mail|email}, Facebook and Twitter, or saved to the photo library. The app also {permits|allows} users to save their creation to “My Cards”, which is {basically|essentially} an in-app library of all user-saved creations and a {extremely|very} {handy|convenient} way to put together ecards for iPad users on the go, {because|since} it does not {need|require} a network connection until {really|actually} sending the cards.

{Whilst|While} it {might|may} {appear|seem} {complex|complicated}, eCard Express HD is {extremely|very} intuitive and straightforward even for a novice iPad user. With a {extremely|very} {nicely|well} {created|designed} user interface and Retina display graphics it makes the creation {procedure|process} {considerably|significantly} {much more|more} enjoyable.

eCard Express HD {Functions|Features}:
- Effortlessly {produce|create} colorful and appealing greeting and photo cards just the way you want them.
- {Big|Large} {choice|selection} of over 200 frames and cards makes your {each and every|every} {option|choice} a {ideal|perfect} {1|one}.
- Spice up creations with {stunning|beautiful} sticker clip arts, or even make an {whole|entire} card out of them for your recipients to {appreciate|enjoy}.
- Your creations {usually|always} look {great|good} no matter where! {Whether or not|Whether} they are received on a desktop {pc|computer}, your smartphone or tablet (on any platform)!
- {Produce|Create} on the go, with no network connection {needed|required}!
- Save your {greatest|best} creations in the eCard Express HD library or iPad photo library.

Device Requirements:
iPad running iOS {three|3}.{two|2} or later

Pricing & Availability:
eCard Express HD is {accessible|available} in the App Store worldwide in the {Way of life|Lifestyle} category for only $1.99 (USD)
App Store:

Support {Website|Site}:
Demo video:


Promo codes are {accessible|available} for qualified reviewers.

Bartsoft, Inc. is a creative multimedia development {business|company} dedicated to {supplying|providing} {internet|web} and mobile application solutions to {little|small} {companies|businesses}, top agencies and creative {experts|professionals} all over the world. Its {objective|goal} is to bring {total|complete} customer satisfaction at a {extremely|very} competitive {cost|price}. For {much more|more} {info|information} {concerning|regarding} Bartsoft services, please {go to|visit} Copyright (c) 2011 Bartsoft Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and /or other countries.

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