Eco Mania – Have fun recycling and SAVE THE WORLD

Eco Mania for iPhone and iPod touch: a fun, fast paced, addictive experience that reinforces the habit of recycling and it’s benefits.

You, the player have to recycle from over 100 different object (recyclable items and tricky traps) coming on the conveyor belt. You drag each object from the conveyor to the mouth of 4 cute cartoony Recycle Bins (paper, metal, glass and plastic). You are having fun and at the same time SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT.

As you gains points, the conveyor belt speeds up! The SMART BELT technology embedded in the game senses if you are a beginner or a veteran and dynamically adjusts the speed of the conveyor to suit your skill level: slower if it senses you are struggling and faster if it senses you want a bit of challenge.

Between games, you will be able to read from the “Guidebook For A Better World”, the multitude of recycling facts and tips to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE and learn to live a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. For example, did you know that “A plastic bag is used for about 15 minutes and disintegrates in 500 years” or “Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees and 7000 galons of water”? Check out the rest of more than 100 insightful tips and facts.

Get a glimpse of how it FEELS to be a REAL SUPERHERO. Develop a habit of recycling unneeded objects around you and help SAVE OUR PLANET. Your action does make a difference. 
Be sure of one fact: the more people will play ECO MANIA, the more of them will start being sustainable at a younger age.

Think about the future of your children, what kind of life will they have if they would have printed in their mind habits like recycling, sustainable living, and a positive attitude towards the environment. They would enjoy the simple pleasures of life and feel good because they are doing their part in keeping and sustaining out wonderful environment.


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