Eggs in Space iPhone app

The Lonely Bee are putting the finishing touches to their first foray into iPhone gaming – Eggs in Space – which hits the App Store in September 2010. The preview website and video is online now at

It’s up to the player to stop those pesky ovals before they destroy the innocents of the planet Spoonville by tapping the evil eggs while avoiding hitting the booby-trapped red eggs. The tap ‘n’ crack play is easy to pick up and play, but impossible to put down. As the waves progress the eggs become ever trickier with fearsome bosses to overcome.

The bold and original look of Eggs in Space comes from the mind of expert animator and director Andy Cooper. The 2D characters are reminiscent of Parappa the Rapper, the environment and gameplay feeling like you are inside a 3D Space Invaders. Playing Eggs in Space is like watching Easter eggs getting hurled at you in zero-gravity through a kaleidoscope.

Each egg has its own personality, helped by the superb sound effects from musician Chris Barker. His soundtrack is a superb take on B movie sci-fi music, it’s laden with eerie synths and theremins that float above the modern beats and wobbly bass-lines.

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