Elastic Hero episode 2

We are {pleased|happy} to announce the new episode of Elastic Hero, we hope you like it.

REGGIO EMILIA – Signs Studios {these days|today} introduced Elastic Hero episode 2 for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. In Elastic Hero, you guide the Hero on a springy journey far, far, far away… jumping on trampolines, picking up jetpacks, jetmotos and skysurfs, {whilst|while} blasting robots and ufos along the way. {Simple|Easy} to play, {tough|difficult} to master.

GAME {Functions|Features} (Version 1..2)
- 2 Game modes
- Endless level
- Random trampolines generator (a {entire|whole} new level {each and every|every} play!)%u2028
- Variable Weather conditions
- {Extraordinary|Incredible} soundtrack that {modifications|changes} with the action
- {three|3} {Kinds|Types} of soundtrack: Epic – Disco – iPod playlist ({does not|doesn’t} {alter|change} with the action)
- In-game {produced|created} playlist will be saved and loaded the next time you play
- {Regular|Normal}, broken, moving and exploding trampolines%u2028
- JET PACKs, JET MOTOs, SKY SURFs, and {much more|more} gadgets to come in next updates
- UFOs, Ships, Robots monsters!
- Boss fight {each and every|every} 1.000mts.
- Submit score to Facebook & Twitter
- Game Stats
- Global leaderboards, achievements!
- Autorotation support (you can play with earphones)

%u2028How to play:
Tilt to move left or {correct|right}, tap the screen to shoot.

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Episode 2 video introduction (gameplay cartoon animation)

PR Pack (hi res icon, screenshot, etc.):

Official page:{choice|option}=com_content&view=article&id=124&Itemid=176


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