Electro Chuck: the classic analog electric line game

Classic Analog Electric Line Game Revisited in Amazing Video Game

(Brussels) – Start-up company AppSolution launches today Electro Chuck, the classic analog electric line game revisited as an amazing adventure skills video game. Intense, high-quality graphics make Electro Chuck an addictive experience for Iphone and Ipod users. Players tilt the phone like a steering wheel to get Electro Chuck through the levels without touching the electric line.

A great experience for all ages, Electro Chuck is increasingly fun and immersive, with beautifully designed graphics that plunge players into a new world and uniquely styled universe. To keep cool, Electro Chuck must remain off the electric line and get through all the levels safely without getting shocked.

By tapping the screen behind Electro Chuck, the player can stretch him out and jump over enemies and collect bonus points. The game has multiple worlds composed of 10 levels each. Players collect all 30 stars per world to unlock the current world’s arcade mode.

Notes to editors
Useful and technical information

Electro Chuck is compatible with iPhone 3Gs and with iPod touch 4th generation and above.
Electro Chuck players can compete across the globe by sharing scores on Facebook and Twitter.

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About Appsolution
A small start-up company based in Brussels, London, New York and Paris, AppSolution Inc is an emerging player in the mobile application development business. This dynamic team of 20 has already made it to the leading position for iPhone application development in Belgium and has served clients including Le Soir, Ice Watch, Lexus, United Nations, IBA and McDonalds.


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