As of today, ElectroCute is on sale at half off for $1.99.

Aliens are invading Earth and apparently they have a thing for sheep. What are they gonna do with all those farm animals? I don’t know, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to!

Your mission in ElectroCute is to zap the sheep-loving alien spaceships with lightning bolts produced from a two-finger touch. Spot a flying saucer, lay down two fingers to produce some lightning between them, and the bad guys fry.

There are various powerups that help you out along the way, but zapping aliens with lightning is pretty much all there is to the game. If you see an alien ship trying to abduct a poor little lamb with its green tractor beam, your best bet is probably to interrupt the kidnapping by giving the ship a quick one-finger tap and zap it when the animal is out of harm’s way. The sheep are just as allergic to lightning bolts as the aliens are, and slaughtering the flock is definitely frowned upon.

ElectroCute isn’t the greatest game I’ve ever played, but it’s fun and challenging and I always appreciate games that inject some originality (in this case, sheep) into the landscape. The graphics are good, the sound is ok (and suspiciously similar to Crash Landing), and it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find aliens getting horny for sheep in any other games.

I’m hoping that Full Control ApS will take some steps to make the game more complete with an option to mute the sound, play while listening to music, and install a global score board in addition to the local one, but even now the game is pretty good.

According to the iTunes App Store description, ElectroCute is currently on sale at “half price” which is great, but frankly I think $1.99 is about the most I’d pay for a game like this. I like the game but, being the cheap bastard that I am, $4 seems like kind of a stretch.

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