Engine Sounds: See if it revs your engine

Engine Sounds is a unique app for checking different sounds of…wait for it..engines. Bet your friends they can’t identify the engine sounds you play. The new interactive mode allows you to rev up the engine sounds while moving you phone (like a virtual gas pedal). The app gets regular updates with more engine sounds all the time.

Engine Sounds really is 2 apps in one. The ‘original’ Engine Sounds played a pre-recorded engine sound. The new interactive mode is where you can choose the engine and the RPM level by moving your iPhone like a virtual gas pedal.

For the original mode you can select from a bunch of engines in several categories. Some of the categories are Race engines, Aircraft, Fun Stuff, Bikes and several more. The individual engine sounds range from a moped to a jet, from a trophy truck to a helicopter. Of course, all the various size engines are also included: 4 cyclinder, V6, V10, and even a couple of V12′s. You can select whether to play the sounds in a loop. You can also chose some favorites so you don’t have to sort through the choices when you want to play one again.

The interactive mode doesn’t have as many engines but it puts you in control of the engine. Pick a 4 cylinder, an I6, a couple of race cars, a rotary engineer, V6′s, a V8, V10, V12 or even a deep throated W16. Fun to play with. We are convinced that Race Car #2 sounds just like a chain saw! The graphics are nothing special but you aren’t downloading this app for graphics.

Do you think engine sounds could be a party game? Who needs a ping pong ball and a cup when you have your iPhone and Engine Sounds?

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