Eric’s 6 Random Freebies

Well it’s been two months since the last time my friend Eric the Crackhead sent me his random list of untested but potentially worthwhile free apps, but he’s back at it so here they are!

A couple are pretty obvious picks that a lot of you have probably tried or might already be using daily, but I think there’s still some good junk for you to discover in this round.

Excuse Generator by Kevin Umsted: A bag of random B.S. to fling at those who try to make you do stuff you don’t feel like doing

Lemonade Tycoon by Electronic Arts: I’ve heard of this developer… they’re pretty good! Run a virtual lemonade stand and build your own little sidewalk empire

Love Art: National Gallery, London by Antenna Audio Inc: Pretend to be cultured and sophisticated with this collection of 250 works of art that includes audio, video, and galleries

Bloomberg by Bloomberg LP: Pretend you have money or at least know something about it with news, stock quotes, price charts, market trend analyses, and lots of other stuff that chicks are impressed by

DigiDrummer Lite by Magnus Larsson: If nobody would ever buy that you know stocks and art, how about convincing them that you’re a drummer in a band… an iPhone band! Yeah, that seems much more likely. The full version is currently on sale for $.99

GasBag by jamcode LLC: Don’t spend $3 in gas while you drive around looking to save $2 at the pump! Use this app and contribute to the database of local gas prices

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