Eric’s 6 Random Freebies

The theme in this week’s untested free junk is FUN! Wait, using your iPhone to find your car in a concert parking lot is fun, right? Sure, why not! Lalalalalala

California Gold Rush Free by Digital Chocolate: 4,200 people can’t be wrong! With an average rating of 4 stars this lite game release looks pretty worthwhile by Screw Pandora!

Lightsaber Unleashed by TheMacBox: Your Star Wars Geek License will be revoked if you openly lust over Princess Leia but don’t have this app installed. Heck, even I’ve tried it already and I thought Episodes I, II, and III all sucked ass

FingerPiano Lite by Junpei Wada: Now even talentless jackasses like me can play the piano with this teaching keyboard

Fast & Furious The Game Test Drive by I-play: If you don’t at least try the free version of Fast & Furious, Paul Walker will personally come to your house and slap you across the face with his little girly-hands

Take Me To My Car by Eldar Sadikov: If you drive to a huge outdoor concert this summer without this app on your phone, you’re just asking to get hopelessly lost

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