Eric’s 6 Random Freebies

My idiot friend Eric has nothing better to do with his time than scour the iTunes App Store for free junk! He’s too lazy to give any opinions on these apps, but at least he’s nice enough to send me screenshots.

If you like (or hate) this post, please say so in the comments. Depending on the public reaction I’ll either continue to allow Eric to litter my inbox with his non-recommendations or I’ll tell him to shove it!

Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) by Savy Soda: Allows you to edit and manage spreadsheet and text files

Fandango by Fandango: Browse movie listings and buy tickets

Brain + Get Smarter! by iBearSoft: If you have a brain, exercise it with math problems

Stress Reducer by Ethan Productions: Hold your iPhone to your ear and listen to seashells

Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing by Gengar Studios: Draw on one canvas from two iPhones

Yoga Trainer Lite by Yoga routines with instructions, voice guides, and a timer

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