ESPN iScore Baseball: Baseball Scoring App for the iPhone

espn iphone baseball

ESPN iScore Baseball is a baseball scoring app for the iPhone.  It can be used by coaches or family scoring Little League or Softball games.  It can be used by avid baseball fans to score MLB games as they follow their team in person or on TV.

I really like the app.  The user interface is friendly and the data provided is a smash.  Kids on the Little League team will love to have real time stats for their games.  Parents will be able to keep track of the game for their child and provide stats for the other parents who have kids in the game as well.

The reviews for this app have been very good on the App Store as people seem to appreciate the responsiveness of the developers to update the App and be responsive to suggestions from their users.  Our testing of the App did nothing to refute the claims of the App Store reviewers.

This is a solid baseball scoring app and will be right at home on the front page of any little league coach or parent who has a child playing baseball.

To purchase or for more information on ESPN iScore Baseball, click here.

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