I like this app. It’s simple. It’s practical. It does one thing well. EventHorizon by Percula Software is well designed and functions reliably. It’s nice to have an app that just does what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t get in your way, or its way. 

The concept is simple: you have a list of events and reminders that you want to be able to look at quickly. You don’t want to be surprised that you missed your Mother’s Birthday two days ago. EventHorizon takes that fear away by allowing you to put all of those important dates and reminders into the app and not worry about them.  Better yet, if you have them stored in your Calendar (edit 3/16/09) Address Book app on your iPhone/Touch, it will pull them over for you. Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom! If you have pictures of your Mom in the Address book app, it’ll pull that over too. Lickety Split!

You pick the time frames for the notice periods: urgent, approaching, and normal. You can also add to the pre-set categories that come loaded with the app, customization at your fingertips.

This thing is flexible too. You can keep it light (Birthdays, Anniversaries, important events etc.) or you can go full bore and make it a mini-personal assistant, putting any and every reminder you want into it. Very nice.

In my opinion, this is what you wish the Calendar app would do for all of your reminders. 

This review is short. Not for lack of words, but because the thing just works. It made my home page in my reference section. Good job Percula!

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