Evernote is a great application for saving audio, image or text notes. Instantly connect to the Evernote server to synchronize and view all your notes for as far back as you can look. Evernote even includes text recognition, allowing users to search for text within the images they took.

Among the many functions of Evernote, the text recognition stands out the most. While it is a bit touchy, it works pretty well with large words and proves to be a nice organization/ search function.

All notes save to the Evernote server online, and they can be viewed by logging into the website or by accessing the application on your iPhone. All notes can be based to a location for mapping purposes and save in chronological order.

A great feature is the audio notes. These can record for up to five minutes and all save on the server, thus being listenable online.

Pros: Versatile, text recognition, classy layout

Cons: Text recognition can be buggy

Bottom Line: Evernote is a well-developed note-taking application with some great software attached. Try it out, it’s free!

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