I confess… my only motivation in grabbing eyeFro was to put a gigantic afro on my dog! And my only motivation in writing this review is it’s Friday so I’m feeling a little stupid and a little lazy, so this review will be a quickie:

eyeFro is is super simple – just take a photo or load one from the camera roll and *hope* that eyeFro will put the Fro in the right place. If the app can’t “dig” your photo (read: can’t figure out where to place the Fro) then you’re outta luck! But when your photo has the right amount of funk where people are looking straight at the camera with their eyes OPEN the results can be somewhat satisfying. If you want to change fros, give the iPhone a shake.

Personally I’d rather select and place the Fro myself ‘cuz I’m nutty like that, but I think I can appreciate what PunBros is trying to do with their Fro automation. The app isn’t perfect and has a bit of a tendency to crash when shaking to change fros, but if you’re super-bored and have a dollar to burn, then maybe eyeFro is what you’re looking for.

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