EyeSeeU : Video Surveillance App for iPhone Offers Remote Webcam Viewing

EyeSeeU, the video surveillance application for iPhone (also available on iPad) knows that security video surveillance is only useful if users are able to watch it. This groundbreaking application gives users the ability to change an ordinary IP camera into a truly flexible security feature, viewable anytime and anywhere with access to an iPhone and internet connectivity.

The application offers both live streaming MJPEG capability and still image refreshing, to accommodate as many types of IP cameras as possible. Users are able to view not only their own personal IP cameras from anywhere, but can also add public cameras to the application for viewing. Those who want peace of mind while away on vacation need only leave an IP camera connected to the app on at home, and they can check in anytime. Public cameras can be used to check traffic or weather conditions, giving users a new, direct way to adjust their planning.

No third party application is necessary to utilize EyeSeeU and benefit from its capabilities; users configure the application to directly view the live streams they want to see. Users can add multiple cameras to the application, for ease of use. Both portrait and landscape display are supported, as is pinch zoom, allowing users to close in on helpful or important details. And if users need an even more detailed view on a larger screen, TV display is also supported, with the use of a TV out cable.

EyeSeeU is also a multi-platform PC/Mac experience, with allowing users to access their cameras online when they’re at a computer. And whether using the iPhone or computer, users also have the capability to control PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) functions on compatible cameras through an in-app purchase of this added feature.

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