EZ Cam: a remote camera app for the iPad

MobAc Design Releases EZ Cam & EZ Cam Lite for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Remote Camera Sharing Application Available July 15th in Apple’s App Store

Cupertino, CA –  July 6th, 2010 – MobAc Design ( announced that EZ Cam and EZ Cam Lite will be available beginning July 15th exclusively for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  EZ Cam is a camera sharing application that uses the built-in camera on an iPhone as a camera source for iPad, iPod Touch, or another iPhone.  EZ Cam shares the built-in camera with both devices at the same time.  Both devices can see the camera’s preview and control the camera to capture photos.

It’s a mobile camera for iPad!

Simultaneously sharing a camera with two devices via Bluetooth, WiFi, or 3G is a pretty simple concept, but there are a lot of creative possibilities since a user can be in a different place than the camera.  It’s more than just a mobile camera for iPad, it’s a fun spy camera, remote security system, or wireless video stream, all in one.

EZ Cam Lite is free and displays an iAd banner when advertisements are available.  View, at most, one iAd per day and the banner will disappear.  EZ Cam is a paid app, with no advertisements, available for $2.99 USD (priced accordingly in other regions).  Pick the option that is best for you!

EZ Cam and EZ Cam Lite are available world-wide in 9 languages from Apple’s App Store starting July 15th.  Please visit for more EZ Cam information, including videos, photos, information, and more.  Download screenshots from

MobAc Design, an independent app and accessory development company, based out of Terre Haute, IN, was formed in 2010 by David Fisher and Nate Medland for the purposes of creating fun and creative mobile applications and accessories.

If you would like further information on EZ Cam, EZ Cam Lite, or MobAc Design, or would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

David Fisher, Founder, MobAc Design
Phone: 812-201-6488

Promotion codes to download and try the app today available upon request.

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