Face Bender: A lot More Than Bending Faces

Did you ever want to see your daughter as Santa Claus?  Or what your wife would look like if she gained 100 pounds?  How about your son with pink spiked hair?  With Face Bender you can do all that and much more.  Face Bender is a very entertaining app which can give you (and your kids) plenty of things to do on an unsuspecting picture.  Face Bender is not a one trick pony.  In fact, the name is a little misleading because Face Bender can do a lot more than just bend faces.

The app starts off by allowing you to select a picture from your camera roll or selecting the default male or female face.  After playing with the default faces you will quickly want to move on to your camera roll.  After all, doodling on your friend’s face can be a lot of laughs.

Once you have your picture (i.e. victim) selected, you have numerous tools at your disposal.  The first most obvious capability is face bending.  When you turn on the “wax factory” the app overlays a grid of dots over the picture.  You simply drag your finger to morph the picture until you are satisfied with it.  Other apps can do this but Face Bender doesn’t stop there.Face Bender: Bending Faces

Stickers are the power behind Face Bender.  You can also apply stickers to your face.  When you apply the stickers you can rotate, flip and scale the stickers to the size you need.  Most importantly, you will never run out of stickers.  There are hundreds of cool stickers to apply.  There are goolish stickers, crazy eyes, glasses, hats, scars, earings, holiday stickers…and the list never ends.

Kids love taking pictures of Mom and Dad and playing with Face Bender.  Turn them into Pirates.  SkelFace Bender app for iPhoneetons.  Punk rockers.  You name it.

Face Benders has a series of tools available to help you.  In addition to apply stickers and using the Wax Factory, you can stack stickers to create even more cool looking pictures.   And help is only a click away.  Make a mistake?  No problem.  Undo and Redo are right at your fingertips.  Finally, once your image is done you can save your image to your camera roll for emailing.

What else would we like to see:  a painting tool.  We would like to be able to easily paint a color in a few places to help blend areas between the original picture and the stickers.   The tool would need to allow you to select a color and Face Bender iphone appthickness.  Also, we would like to be able to place the same sticker repeatedly without having to go through multiple levels of the sticker gallery.  Those are perfect features for the next release.

Overall, we really liked Face Bender.  Take a few pictures of yourself and hand your phone to the kids in the backseat.  You’ll hear never ending laughter.  There is nothing funnier than making Mom look like an alien.


Face Bender - Warp, twist, stretch & bend faces! - NHIGames LLC

Looking for an iPad version:
Face Bender HD - NHIGames LLC

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