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I am a facebook fan for a long time now. When I first started using facebook it was a great tool to keep in touch with my friends and family. Lately, however, things are not what they used to be. It seems every big company in town is trying to be cool by joining in, trying to be my friend – which leads my facebook page to be far less personal: emails, group invitations and events are now more trouble than interest.
There is one thing that I still like in facebook, and keeps me in touch with my real friends – the photos. Watching my friend’s new wedding album, pictures from her trip to India or just some mobile uploads from the last birthday, and commenting on them keeps us in touch. That’s how I found Facebook Photo Feed

Facebook Photo Feed provides an interface to the photos part of facebook, hiding everything else. This serves two purposes – on one hand, by focusing, it provides a superior way to watching photos; the other is not having to encounter all the rest.

On the first run, I was given a facebook pop-up to enter my credentials, and then another to allow Facebook Photo Feed to access my photos (appearantly, there’s another new privacy policy facebook is having). Looking at the app store comments, some users were not able to complete this step in older versions, but in my 1.2 it worked great. This initial set-up took some 15 seconds. After that, I was introduced into the main app screen.

Titled “My Feed” it shows a list of the albums my friends have recently uploaded. Each line displays a thumbnail cover image of that album, the friend’s name, the album’s name and its modification date. They are ordered so that most recent uploads are at the top. Updating the list is done by dragging it (ala twitter), and at the bottom there’s a “Load More” button to load older entries.

From the feed view, a click on any album opens a thumbnail view of its photos (looks exactly like the native photos app). The “play” button starts a slideshow of the entire album, and you can tap an image to display it.

Watching the album with Facebook Photo Feed was amazing. Clicking on the right and left arrows moved between photos in no time for quick browsing, zooming in and out using the pinch gesture, and if you get tired, you can just “play” the slideshow and photos starts moving themselves.

The last big issue for a facebook user like myself is the comments, and they were handled very nicely here. When watching a photo, a small icon on the top-right corner indicates if any comments were made for it. If so (icon becomes orange), tapping it will open a bubble-chat view of all the comments. So far, only commentor picture is displayed (not the name) – I hope this gets added in the future.

Other nice features I found useful: Ability to leave your own comments, search an album for a specific user, browse your own albums, and alternate effects for the slideshows (configurable in the phone’s settings).

If most of your facebook time is spent watching facebook, then Facebook Photo Feed will give you one of the best facebook times you could ask for.


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Final Statement: Facebook Photo Feed gives you a powerful photos app to enjoy your online facebook photos.

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