Fallin – The Challenge For Your Fingers And Perception is proud to announce simple and fun game:

Fallin – The Challenge For Your Fingers And Perception.

How to play?
- slide finger anywhere on screen from left to right to move marble horizontally
- match three or more marbles (more better, you will get more points)

What is the challenge?
The challenge is to collect as much points as you can in each level. If you simply match balls by three you will fast get to the next level with low point. So don’t do that and try combinations.
If you will get to the 9th level you are the master.

Game features:
- 7 colorful marbles
- different number of matches to get next level
- 6 columns and 8 rows
- 3 combos
x2 – second match doubles points for match
x3 – third match triples point for match
x4 – forth match quadriples point for match
- have fun!

Few tips:
- fun starts in 5th level
- if you want fast move the ball from one side to another just simply tap and hold finger on screen while moving
- you can speed up the ball, simply slide down a finger

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