Family chore chart

Thanks to Wm Rowe

We’ve been trying to teach our kids how to do chores but the thing about that is it’s tough to get them to do that while they don’t notice the chores that we do and think it’s unfair that we’re making them do chores. So I decided that we could make it seem more fair by making a family chore chart so that everyone could see what everyone else is doing and hopefully stop the arguments over each person’s share of the chores.

I went online with ourĀ WildBlue to see if I could go ahead and find a chore chart that I could just buy. But none of the ones that I found really appealed to me so I decided that I’d make one myself.

I haven’t finished ourĀ family chore chart yet because I’ve still been dealing with things left over from the holidays like taking our decorations down and stuff like that. But from the way it looks now, it looks really great. I have a little line with each of our name’s on it and a magnet for each of the chores.


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