Event Manager: Event planning, organization

Do you want to keep all your special events organized and always be able to see what you did, when you did it, and with whom? Then here’s the solution!

Event Manager is a wonderful application that will make sure that you will never forget the greatest moments of your life.

You can view your events:

  • Alphabetically on the events tab
  • Chronologically on the timeline tab
  • Organized by friends on the friends tab
  • Organized by category on the category tab

But there is more. You can also add photo’s to your events, search through events and protect them with a password so you can make sure nobody but you views your events!

Adding a new event is simple:

  • Enter the name of the event
  • Select the date
  • Add the friends that you want to add to the event by either selecting them from your contacts or by manually adding them
  • Add the location by using the compass function to use your current location or by manually inserting a location
  • Add notes that you want to remember to the event
  • Add pictures to keep your memories visualized (tip)

Event Manager is a unique application which you just have to experience in order to fully grasp it’s potential.

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