Fashion Sense

I love Tim Gunn.  I mean it.  I have an unnatural facination with him.  I don’t stalk him, or anything, but I do have a picture of him as my wallpaper (in my defense, it’s a picture I took at the Oscars), and I am addicted to Project Runway and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.   So when I got word about Eighteen Twenty Consulting’s Fashion Sense, I thought it might be like having a little Tim Gunn at my fingertips and in my pocket.  Yeah…’s not.

Fashion Sense is an application to teach you women folk out there the right way to pick out nine essential items of clothing based on your body style.  I agree, these are the nine essentials – a white button-down shirt, jeans, “anytime” top, trench coat, jacket, skirt, black pants, anytime dress, evening dress.   And the advice this app gives on how to dress all possible shapes – pear, hourglass, V, or apple, is textbook right on the money.   But if you’re the kind of woman who’s going to buy an app called Fashion Sense, my bet is you already watch What Not to Wear, Project Runway, and other makeover shows and you’ve heard this before. 

Even if you wanted to carry around a little reminder of what you should look for and should avoid, it would be nice if this app would let you do something basic, like save your shape, so you don’t have to read through all the shapes for every basic item, every time you open this app.   And what about some advanced features, like, how do I know if I’m a pear or a V?  No where in this app is there any kind of info to help you determine which shape is you.  So since I’d have to go to Tim Gunn’s site on and figure out my shape anyway, I might as well transcribe what’s on the site about what to wear into a note on my iPhone.  I’d accomplish the same thing this app is trying to accomplish and save myself $1.99 in the process.   I tried out version 1.0, then downloaded the 1.1 update that went up on the store last week.  And except for the graphics which are lightened up a bit, it’s the same app.

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