FB Photo Feed for iPhone

FB Photo Feed provides you with the best facebook experience on the iPhone.

Do you use facebook just for viewing photos ? So do we !

That’s the idea behind FB Photo Feed. This feed will keep you updated with the most important feature of facebook: Photos.

We all know facebook can get cluttered up by apps, statuses, events and groups. But, most of the times all we really want to do is stay tuned with our friend’s most recent photos. FB Photo Feed will do just that.


FB Photo Feed provides a new facebook experience which focuses on the photos.
Enjoy those albums in a thumbnail view of the photos, or create a beautiful slideshows with slide transition effects.


Watch all your friend’s newest albums in a simple photo feed.
Add comments on the photos you like, and read other people’s comments.
If you feel like browsing a friend’s albums, just start typing their name in the search box and select them from the drop-down list. A new view will appear with all their albums.

App Features Include:
* An updated feed featuring all the newest photos from your friends
* Beatiful customizable slideshows with a variety of effects: Page curl, Fade, Ripple and more
* Full and simple access facebook online photos.
* “Offline mode” for watching some old photos over again
* Support reading and writing comments on photos

Facebook photo viewing was never easier !

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