Feeding Frogs!: Fun Memory Game for the iPhone and iPad

Feeding Frogs! is a fun and addictive memory game for the iPhone.  Frogs are floating on lillypads and it’s your job to keep them fed.  The only problem is that you have remember which ones you have already fed and which ones are still hungry. 

There are 9 levels to the game (and a 10th surprise level…sssh… don’t tell anyone).   Each level introduces more frogs, faster movement, and a longer time between flies.  Can you remember which frog you fed last? Keep a close eye on the floating frogs until the next fly is available for feeding time.


  • 50 different combinations of speed and number of frogs (10 levels with 5 “days” each)
  • Realistic pond music with numerous animal sounds
  • Left handed mode
  • Game center integration
  • Fun frog facts


Note:  If you are looking for this memory game, be sure to select Feeding Frogs! (with the exclamation point)  There is another (copycat) app called Feeding Frogs in the app store. 

Feeding Frogs iphone app review

Feeding Frogs! - Cardiff Blue Apps

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