File Extension TIF can help you avoid the hassels of driver updates

If you are a Mac user like me you only have one source for driver updates.  All Mac users have to do is click “Software Update” and Steve Jobs takes care of the rest.  For PC users it is a different story, there are multiple vendors, different video cards, different sound cards, tracking down all the right drivers can take time.

The folks at File Extension TIF can help solve that problem.  File Extension TIF offers a product called Driver Cure that can update all your drivers in one application.  No more searching for drivers on multiple web sites.  You can rest assured that your computer and all it’s hardware is up to date.

 It operates on all versions of windows, including Vista.  Right now they are offering a bundle package that allows you to get 5 apps for the price of one. Go to File Extension TIF and download Driver Cure, it is the next best thing to owning a Mac.

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