Find the best motorcycle roads on your iPhone

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast like I am, you are constantly on the lookout for good roads to take on that Saturday afternoon ride.  In the Dallas / Fort Worth area there are some riding groups that can help you find some of those off the beaten paths that make the ride more interesting.  Another option is to buy a travel guide and locate some scenic routes that way.  However there is a new app for the iPhone that may help you find more roads and share some of your favorites with others in the biking community, it is called Greatest Road.

Greatest Road is one of those Apps that rely on the iPhone community to really make it special.  It is dependent on the user community to supply good roads for others in your area.  Without good user support this app will have a difficult time making a big impact.  It was listed in the “What’s Hot” category on the App store so maybe that will help the app get the attention that it deserves.

I was impressed with the interface, it is fairly simple to set up an account and add some of your favorite roads for others to see.  In the DFW area I had a few different roads to choose from that were already in the database.  You can select roads from a G-Map like interface, see reviews on that road, and add comments and your opinion of the road.  Once you find a road that you want to discover you can tap on Start the Ride, the app will then send you to Google Maps and navigate you from your current location through the road of interest.  This feature would be much nicer if Google maps were a true turn by turn gps.

Overall the app is very easy to use, is great to look at, and will be of great value to you if you live in an area that has other active users of the app.

For selfish reasons I really hope this App takes off in the biker community.  I would like to be able to use the app in my area to find even more great roads.  This will be a app that I take a look at on those Saturday afternoons when I want to ride but have no where in particular to go.

Download the App

Here is a road near my home that I plan to explore soon.

For all you motorcycle riders out there. Check out, it is a social networking site for motorcycle riders. It has info on road racing, vlogging (documenting your motorcycle journeys with video), groups for a bunch of makes of motorcycles, and a ton more.

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