For my first review on the site, I chose the game FingerMingle. FingerMingle is a game that’s basic premise is to use your finger (or fingers.. depending on which level you are on) to move a colored disk from one location to another. The premise is simple, but becomes more difficult as the game continues by adding more disks and obstacles that you must avoid as you play. After each level you are presented a percentage that notes how well you did. For the most part the game does the job that it intends to do, but there are a few bugs that exist that can make gameplay difficult.

Upon starting the game you are presented with a title screen that offers two modes of gameplay and an about screen. You have the option of playing the game alone or with a friend, and each mode seems to work pretty well. There are 25 single player and 26 multi-player levels and as expected the difficulty increases as you play the game.

Gameplay is simple, you place your fingers on the disks on screen and move them to their destinations by sliding their finger and rotating the phone as you go. Removing your finger from the screen before reaching the destination, bumping into certain objects, or stretching your disks too far apart result in a failure. Reaching the destination results in Success and opens the next level. Multiplayer is the same as single player, but the levels are designed around having two people (which is cool, just make sure you play with someone whom has hands that you desire to touch…)

Sadly, this game is not without its problems. I ran into multiple situations where I would fail a level because the game thought I had lifted my finger from the screen when I had not. Also, in multiplayer, sometimes upon a Successful completion of a level, it would instantly turn to a failure as we lifted our fingers from the screen. 

There is plenty of room for improvement, but the app does preform well. In the future I would personally love to see more levels, and a better scoring system (for each level, and one for overall score). In its current state, the app is average at best, and perhaps priced a bit high, but with some improvements this could be worth its price.

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