FirstClip – Download youtube videos to your iphone without jailbreaking

People always want to see their favorite items whenever they desire to see. And watching videos on iPhone/iPod Touch at your free/desired time is a great experience. But you might feel upset if you are not having your favorite videos in your iPhone/iPod Touch. So your friend FirstClip will help you to be happy by giving you an easiest way to get your favorite videos.

Basic features:

  • It allows user to search, play and download videos from all video sites providing videos in MPEG format(h.264).
  • User can search videos from any site by adding the site as a provider.
  • User can see the details (Title, Thumbnail, Rating, Publisher, Video Length etc.) about any video.
  • User can download multiple video and play video simultaneously.
  • Any video can be paused and resumed at anytime. This allows the user to close the application when some download is in progress.
  • User can play already downloaded video which doesn’t require any internet connection.
  • User can add their own favorite sites in the settings page by giving the url and nick name for the provider.

Advanced features:

  • While typing in the search box, it also shows the suggestions to the user.
  • ‘Try my luck’ button saves time of the user by directly navigating to the details page of the most suitable result from search.

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