Fishing Flies A Guide to flies from around the world

From the makers of the ever popular ‘SAS Survival Guide’ comes the latest Fly Fishing app Fishing Flies – A Guide to flies from around the world. This app is a great companion app and a fantastic resource for every fly fisher. This app based on Malcolm Greenhalgh’s – Encyclopedia of Fishing Flies, is the most complete guide to the huge range of flies now being used by fly-fishers around the world, whether fishing for the traditional quarry of trout and salmon, or for bonefish and permit on tropical flats, or for striped and sea bass from Atlantic beaches, or for toothy predators in Amazonian tributaries, of for pike in northern lakes.

Enables the fly-fisher and fly-tyer to select new flies for their local waters, or to select flies when heading off, to far-off rivers, lakes and seas.
Contains over 1300 photographed flies, together with tying and fishing notes and an extensive bibliography of fishing flies

Flies are divided into:

  • Flies for Salmon, Sea
  • Trout and Steelhead
  • Shrimps and Prawns
  • Salmon Dry Flies
  • Flies for Sea-Run Trout: Sea Trout, Steel Head, Cutthroat and Char
  • Flies for Freshwater Predators
  • Saltwater Flies
  • Early Flies
  • North County Spiders
  • Larvae and Pupa
  • Dry Flies and Floating Flies
  • Cut – or Burnt – Feather Wings
  • Upwinged Fly Spinner
  • Fancy Wet Flies or Lock / Sea Trout Flies
  • Streamers and Bucktails

Includes search, add to favourites and a quiz to test your knowledge – altogether an invaluable tool to help you land more fish!

Regular Price : $ 6.99

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