Fleetly fitness app makes your workouts more social, more effective

There has been a recent trend toward the integration of technology and fitness, and especially the gamification of fitness. And incorporating gaming elements, such as rewards and challenges, into workouts has been shown to increase motivation and improve results. Fleetly 2.0, which was just released in the Apple app store, goes beyond basic gamification to create a unique and social fitness experience.

Fleetly is a social fitness app that offers its users a powerful, integrated way to easily track their workouts, fitness level and goals, while taking their fitness to a social and competitive level by engaging with others. It lets users find workouts, create custom workouts, join challenges, earn rewards, and easily share results and content with friends and family.

You can join a myriad of challenges based on your fitness goals and interests such as the Six Pack 2011 challenge, which will reward the person who records the most crunches in 2011. And with Fleetly you can not only challenge yourself, but also easily keep track of where you stand in comparison to other challengers via leaderboards.  Fleetly’s own numbers have shown that those who join challenges and engage with their friends and family through the app work out twice as often as those who do not.

“Of all the fitness apps I have, 18, this is the only one I use everyday. Great app at any fitness level, in my opinion. I also feel it would be a great app for those just beginning a fitness lifestyle. Great support from lots of people to keep you going, no matter what your exercise choice may be. Challenges are awesome, especially when you’re in a tight race.” – App Store reviewer

New for Fleetly version 2.0:

- “People” tab, which greatly enhances communication among friends within the app and allows friends to comment on challenges and workouts

- Custom workout generator, which provides a suggested workout that you can easily accept or modify:
- Choose your goals (4 settings: get lean, toned, strong and pumped)
- Choose the body parts you want to work out
- Choose the type of workout equipment available to you
- Choose the time you have available

- Publicly displayed Fitness Level for easy comparison with friends’

- Ability to set your Fitness Level target

- Improved history view of workouts, grouped by date

Find out more about the app from the Fleetly blog:

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