Flight Fares Airfare Search: Easiest way to discover airfares using voice

Flight Fares is the easiest way to discover airfares using simple voice interface. No travel dates to enter or anything else. We strongly believe in ease of use and simplicity. Finding great air fares should not be complicated. If it were any simpler, it’d be a dream.

* Simple voice interface, just say your depart and arrive city
* Finds fares for next 6 months sorted by price
* Share the fare via email
* Search fares in currency of your choice (coming in next update)

Most apps related to airfare search is complicated with lot of information to enter. Flight Fares provides speech interface to find the fares for next 6 months by simply saying your depart and arrive city. Yes, it’s that simple.

We have new update waiting for approval that will add support for currency so users can find fares in currency of their choice.

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