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So – I know the burning question in your mind, fair reader, is where the hell has Chrisa been??  Well, as it turns out, I was traveling.  I travel quite a bit for work (shameless plug –, but I also got in a leisure trip – I went to the Academy Awards.  Before you ask how I got my no-name behind into the Oscars and get this post COMPLETELY off track, let me just say, if you really want to know, leave me a comment, and I’ll fill you in on all the details.  Oh – and yes, Brad and Angelina ARE that gorgeous in person, thanks for asking.

Being that I travel so much, I thought I’d try out FlightTrack Pro.  I’ve tried a few of the cheap (read: free) flight tracking apps, so I really wanted to see what $9.99 would buy me.  I am notoriously cheap, so I really expected a crapload of features for this kind of price tag.  FlightTrack Pro delivers….99%. 

How does it deliver?  It’s really easy to track your travel.  This version of the app is integrated with TripIt, an extremely handy and free feature where you email your itinerary to TripIt, and your flights automatically show up and are tracked in FlightTrack Pro.  By far, the coolest feature there is.  When I book a flight, all the airline websites let me email a copy to a bunch of addresses – I just type in the TripIt address, and it shows up in the app.  There’s also integrated weather for your destination(s), email itineraries directly from the application, and it supports both domestic and international flights.  Very, very, cool.   It even has a fun feature where, if you’re super bored or not traveling this week, you can shake your iPhone and get a random flight.

But, even this cool of an app has a drawback.  There’s a nice feature that lets you see a map of exactly where a flight is in the air, but unless you’re on one of the very few airlines that has Wi-Fi in route, you can’t see any maps.   Seems a bit pointless, unless you’re an administrative assistant or secretary.  And, since my admin assistant is a thumbless canine (I’ll wait while you process that………), not that useful for her.  But, honestly, that’s the only drawback – if you want to call it that – that this application has.  

If you travel a lot, go and get this application now.  Seriously – stop reading this post and download it.  Now.  If I’m telling you it’s worth ten bucks, trust me, it really is.  If you aren’t a road warrior, there is a lighter version, FlightTrack, for $4.99.  Not as feature rich, of course, but worth it if you travel a few times a year.

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