Florida Lottery Genie

Welcome to the Florida Lottery Genie. Unlike regular Genies, which grant you only three wishes, the Florida Lottery Genie has the ability to grant all users unlimited wishes. Once you have the app downloaded to your device tap the icon to release the Florida Lottery Genie from his lamp. This is the first view of the application and it is where you will listen to “Genie Speak” and/or “Choose Your Game”. Once you “Choose Your Game” you will go to that games view. Once you are in the game view that you have chosen the Florida Lottery Genie will prompt you to “Tap the (game that you picked) Button and it will give you your numbers you should play for the game you have chosen.

If you are using one of your unlimited wishes and you hit the home button or if you are interrupted by a phone call or need to respond to a text don’t worry the Florida Lottery Genie will be right where you left him.

You must have your volume on your device turned ON to hear the Lottery Genie.

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