Fly Bernard, fly!: Children’s Picture book for iPhone (Free Promo Code)

Fly Bernard, fly!

Fly Bernard, fly! is a picture book with music for the iphone and ipod touch. Ages 4+
It’s the story of a boy and a bee set on the fictional island of Kinver

Opening price: U.S. £0.99  U.K. £0.59

Why is Fly Bernard, fly! special?
Fly Bernard, fly! features incredibly intricate artwork. Readers can zoom in and move around to find details such as the bee resting on the window ledge or seagulls flying high above the house.

It has a wonderful score written by composer Robert Huw Jones. The music is influenced by Japanese masters such as Motoi Sakuraba and Koji Kondo. The book utilises a technique borrowed from video games where  it subtly loops in the background allowing the reader to spend as little or as much time on each frame as they want.

It also has an incredibly deep and engaging storyline, designed to promote discussion. Parents will have to be on their toes when answering questions!

Fly Bernard, fly! is a first for the App Store. It’s a book with heart and soul; a stunning visual poem.

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