Folio Case for iPad

iPad owners have a vast number of options when it comes to PDF readers with dozens of apps available on the App Store, and there’s yet another one which has recently been released to the App Store: Folio Case. Why do iPad owners need yet another PDF reader? Because there just hasn’t been a beautifully simple one yet.

Folio Case makes every little bit of organizing, importing and reading PDF documents incredibly simple. Instead of dragging from page to page, you just flick the edges and actually turn the pages. Instead of having a list of documents with a small icon and a long title for you to read, it shows you a large preview of the first page, much like Apple’s iWork apps.

Where other apps expose a lot of control over managing your PDF collection, Folio Case, again like Apple’s iWork apps, goes the other way and keeps things beyond simple. This also means that Folio Case isn’t an ideal choice for very large collections of documents, but the word on Twitter is that the developer is working on it.

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