Food Timer: New Timer App Brings Kitchen Familiarity (Free Promo Codes)

Short Order Media has released Food Timer in the Apple App Store. This new application combines the convenience of six timers, with the familiarity and feel of a traditional kitchen timer, all on one screen.

The timers can be simultaneously run, each one up to 24 hours. Features include realistic egg timer sounds. Food Timer is convenient for cooks who are making large meals that a single kitchen timer could not handle alone. There are enough timers to cover all that is cooking on a standard range, in the oven, and more.

Food timer can be programmed to count-down or count-up, like a stopwatch. The customizable timers can be saved for use again and again. Food Timer acts just like a conventional timer and the screen never goes black while the timers are running. This saves the hassle of needing to use your hands to reactivate the screen to check on your timers.

Add functionality in your cooking with an application that looks and feels like it fits in your kitchen. Food Timer is available now in the Apple App Store. Please visit for additional information.

Try it now with these promotional codes that can be entered into the iTunes redeem gift area:


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