Free App – Cardmobili – consolidate your loyalty, rewards and membership cards from your wallet to your phone

Cardmobili -is a free application and cloud based service that replaces physical loyalty, membership and rewards cards with an application that puts them all on your phone.

The average US consumer has 14 loyalty cards – but only uses 6.  Often the reason is they don’t have them with them or don’t know the number.  Cardmobili ensures that you have the card with you and also has some nifty features that make you more likely to visit retailers and brands of the cards you carry with you.  These include:

- Location based services (i.e. where is the nearest store)

- Mobile coupons and offers ( come in now and get 50% a second pair of shoes)

- Signup for new loyalty and membership programs from Cardmobili ( instead of at the actual store)

- Share your card with your family (I can send my Staples card to my wife to use in her account)

- Loose your phone?  They are all backed up online in your account in the cloud.  Go get a new phone today and download them all back to your phone.

Here is a link to a little video:

Here is the link to the iTunes App Store:

Here is a link to the news announcement:

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