Free Mobile to Mobile Calls Announced for AT&T

As the iPhone is welcoming Verizon to the fold, the network carriers continue to make new offers to retain or steal iPhone customers from their rivals.  The latest deal is from AT&T who today announced that select customers will get free unlimited calling from mobile to mobile, regardless of the carrier.  Further details and who exactly is eligible will be released tomorrow (the day that the Verizon iPhone is released…hmmm).

According to the announcement, the new feature will be free for any AT&T customer who is on a qualifying Nation or FamilyTalk plan and who is also signed up for an unlimited messaging plan.  I wonder how many minutes on your current plan will be enough to qualify?

Existing customers will need to visit a special website——tomorrow to activate the feature. Notably, AT&T has yet to specify which Nation and FamilyTalk plans will qualify for the feature.

Hey AT&T, if you really want to keep me on AT&T make the Personal Hotspot feature free of charge so that I don’t have to pay for data twice, once for my iPhone and once for my iPad.  if you do that I will be REALLY impressed.

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