Free Version of SPINNING AIR HOCKEY – The Air Hockey Game with the Great Spinning Features

Giftarts Inc. announced the worldwide distribution launch of SPINNING AIR HOCKEY LITE, the free Lite version of SPINNING AIR HOCKEY.

SPINNING AIR HOCKEY LITE is an air hockey game with the “spinning” and “curving” pucks. Catch the new sensation of spinning the pucks, and score with a beautiful goal!

You can really feel immersed in it. Once you get used to it, you cannot return to common air hockey games again. Try it! Spin it! You’ll get it!

Spinning and Curving

Flick the side of the puck to make it spin.
The more it spins, the stronger your return hit becomes. Generate stronger curving with rotational direction.
*Change the settings to adjust the spinning difficulty, for an all-new kind of play.

2-Person Play

Two people can use one iPhone or iPod touch for head-to-head competition. All results are recorded.

Rankings / Opponent-play Scorelines

All players’ wins and percentages are ranked, so you can see your opponents’ records.
Check to see if other players have winning or losing records, and vie for the top spot!
*There are 3 players only with the Lite version.

AI Player

When by yourself, you can play against the computer’s AI player.
*Lite version is limited to first 2 AI levels of the Full version.

[Full-version Features]

- Friends can register as players
Friends enter their nicknames, and then each time you play,
all your scores will be recorded (including wins and percentages).
- 5 AI levels
- Setting of the initial AI level
- Ad-free

[Product Overview]

For use with: iPhone / iPod touch
Category: Games
Release Date: June 24, 2010
Price: FREE (Available for download on the App Store worldwide)
Developer: giftarts STUDIO

[VIDEO] Max Spin and Max Level AI (Full version)

[VIDEO] 2-Person Play (Full version)

[VIDEO] Single Play (Full version)

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