Frenzic is a puzzle game where the object is to fill up circles with the puzzle pieces in order to clear them from the playing area. A time limit is imposed for each piece given and points are awarded every time a piece is successfully placed. Lives are awarded when you fill a circle with six of the same color.

Frenzic is an insanely fun game to play. You start with six empty circles in which pieces can be placed. Once an individual circle is filled, its pieces are cleared and points are awarded. If you fail to successfully place a piece before time runs out, a life is taken.The object of the game is to rank as many points as possible before you run out of lives.

On top of being extremely easy to master and play, Frenzic is an incredibly beautiful application. The folks at the Iconfactory have really outdone themselves with Frenzic. The controls are easy to figure out and everything is laid out just as it should be.

The necessary options to pause and save a game when you exit are also included. If you don’t like the sound effects, vibration, or music, they can be easily toggled (individually) from the settings menu within the game.

Frenzic also keeps track of your high scores along with when and where you achieved them. Your scores can also be shared with others on the web. Optionally, you can enable location-aware score sharing to compete with others in your area.

For those who want to, access to can be gained via the iPhone app. Signing up for an account allows you access to high scores and the ability to make friends with other Frenzic players.

The good: Extremely beautiful app. Insanely fun and easy to play; very addictive. Games can be paused and will be saved when you exit to the home screen. Sounds and vibrations can be individually enabled or disabled.

Location-aware high scores can be shared. The Frenzic site lets you make friends, and check your stats.

The bad: Extremely addictive; lots of time will be spent playing this game.

The Bottom line: Frenzic is a beautiful, fun, and incredibly addictive game. It’s fast-paced and easy to figure out right away. Even at $4.99, Frenzic is simply one of those games that you need to have in order to show off your iPhone.

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